Course Management Strategies – Developing Policies

One of the most important course management strategies is for instructors to have clear student policies put in place by the start of the course. This way, students are informed of course expectations and procedures from the very beginning of the course. This minimizes administrative uncertainty or issues and saves the instructor time in the long run.

Student policies should cover aspects such as:

  • Student privacy
  • Email and discussions
  • Hardware and software standards
  • Assignments and assessments
  • Technical assistance
  • The student code of conduct
  • Intellectual property rights and copyright

Tips for online instructors to manage student policies include:

  • Write all policies clearly yet concisely so that students understand all course expectations.
  • Be explicit about all time-related expectations and requirements in the syllabus. This includes assignment due dates, student discussion participation timelines, instructor office hours, and instructor response turnaround time.
  • Explicitly communicate or link to university policies wherever necessary. For example, some students might have learning disabilities and need additional time to complete assignments or assessments. Therefore, it is important to provide information so that students know who to contact and how to get their accommodations met.

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