Instructional Materials – Lectures

Lectures that resemble traditional instruction are acceptable in the online classroom; however, the instructor should ensure that they serve a unique purpose among the other types of instructional materials. Lectures, whether they are video- or text-based, should not be so lengthy as to monopolize the learner’s time spent in the online classroom, and they should complement the other instructional materials. In fact, instructors are advised to “chunk” or organize shorter segments of lecture material logically throughout the course.

Tips on developing lectures:

  • Consider the appropriate scope and coverage of the content to convey; exclude irrelevant or unnecessary information.
  • Break up or group content into smaller, logical segments so students experience it more efficiently.
  • Pacing is very important during lecture recordings.
  • Invite guest speakers to add variety.
  • Integrate interactivity and opportunity for engagement wherever possible.
  • Make sure lectures are accessible by providing transcripts and captions for all video content.
  • Avoid long video lectures, as most students don’t finish watching them; mini-lectures from five to ten minutes are more engaging.