About Micro-Courses

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Micro-courses are smaller versions of self-directed courses that focus on a particular topic. To learn specific skills or competencies related to online learning, begin a micro-course. These micro-courses allow you to immediately apply what you learn to a specific course you are currently teaching or will be teaching in the near future.

Use the “Micro-Courses” menu above to see the course choices. Note: these courses are free for UW-Madison, and you will be asked to login with your NetID.

Currently there are two topics; others will be announced as they become available.

  1. Creating Engaging Videos
  2. Developing Effective Rubrics

Each micro-course is structured around a Learn-Explore-Do or Learn-Watch-Do format that you complete at your own pace.  

In the “Learn” section, you will review short interactive tutorials introducing key concepts and principles. 

In the “Explore” or “Watch” section, you will view guided demos and examples provided or performed by experts. 

In the “Do” section, you will apply or try out what you’ve learned using resources, templates, tip sheets, and activities. These activities are not graded or submitted and you can do as much as you have time to complete.

The micro-courses were developed in partnership with Distance Education Professional Development in the Division of Continuing Studies.

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