Online Bytes:

Website Shares Online Course Design and Teaching Best Practices

Designing for the online environment presents unique challenges. It also provides exciting possibilities for engaging students in learning. Knowledge about what works well in online teaching and learning is growing rapidly—and that is good news. However, this also means it is easy to feel overwhelmed with all the resources and information available.

This website was created to collect and share easy-to-access, research-based best practices and resources for instructors and staff interested in designing quality online teaching and learning experiences. While the focus of the content is on online course design and teaching, there are also many useful strategies to enhance face-to-face and blended courses.
We’re living in an increasingly connected and digital world. Changes in the online environment (and the breathtaking pace of changes in tools) along with changes in higher education continue to create challenges and opportunities.
Come along for the ride as we continue to explore teaching and learning in this ever-changing space!