Supporting eLearners – How to Support Students

Instructors should implement numerous learner supports into their online course across the following three categories:

  1. Instructor Scaffolds:
    • Help a student master a task or concept or feel more comfortable with the learning process by monitoring, coaching, questioning, or prompting them.
    • Examples include welcome letters, reminder and progress emails, icebreaker activities, and Q&A discussion forums.
  2. Course Design Scaffolds:
    • Provide visual or text-based cues, anchors, or aids as a part of the course materials or website.
    • Examples include overviews, tutorials, consistent navigation and rhythm, and alternative formats.
  3. Student Support Services:
    • Include administrative or institutional information as well as resources available to online learners.
    • Examples include information about bookstore, help desk, and assistive technology resources, as well as class information covered in a course orientation.

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