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Are you just beginning to explore teaching online? Have you been asked to transition your course online or assist in this process? Or are you looking for new ideas and strategies? Whatever your current role, this website provides useful information and resources.

New to the online environment?

This website is organized in a way that guides you through common questions about transitioning to the online environment and then provides practical strategies and resources for designing and teaching online courses.

Start with “About Online Courses” to read why online education is growing and how to be successful in this environment.

Then, visit “Designing Online Courses” for research-based instructional design and course planning strategies.

Next, go to “Teaching Online Courses” for strategies to connect with students and manage time and expectations.


Have more online experience?

Easily find topics of interest and useful resources to help you redesign or enhance your course using the following methods:

Peruse the Quick-Start Topics listed in the first three navigation categories of “About Online Courses,” “Designing Online Courses,” and “Teaching Online Courses” for succinct best practices.

Go to the “Site Map” for a listing of all available topics.

Visit “Resources” to find useful templates, reports, tips, and commonly used tools.

Want to explore topics further? (UW-Madison NetID login required.)

Deep Dive Topics provide in-depth exploration of the Quick-Start Topics.

Note: These courses require a UW-Madison NetID login because they contain proprietary and copyrighted materials that are part of service subscriptions paid for by UW-Madison specifically for institutional faculty and staff.

Whatever may be your role or interest in online teaching and learning, we encourage you to consider the following quote as you begin to explore this website:

“To teach is to engage students in learning.”

Quote Reference: Christensen, C. R. (1991). Education for judgment: The artistry of discussion leadership. Harvard Business School Press, Boston, MA 02163.