About Online Courses Overview


How does the online environment impact teaching? How is teaching online different than teaching face-to-face courses? What knowledge, skills, and technologies are needed to transition to online?

These questions are explored and answered in the “About Online Courses” Quick-Start topics. Overall, the aim is to provide a foundation to build upon in developing knowledge and skills in online teaching. Review the following important topics to learn more:

  • The Online Environment explores why the environment is significant, the increase in online courses, and what a quality online course is.
  • Online Instructor Roles explains the managerial, social, pedagogical, and technical roles instructors need to juggle.
  • Transitioning to Online presents information and resources about what makes a successful instructor as well as what makes a successful course.
  • Technologies to Consider when teaching online provides a useful framework for incorporating and leveraging technology and reviews commonly used tools and links to valuable resources.

Each of these brief topics provide an overview along with practical strategies and useful resources. If you want to explore further, links to recommended self-directed courses are also provided at the end of each topic.

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